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tv   Coronavirus Pandemic  CNN  May 28, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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i don't care who you are going to vote for. all i care is we get out of this pandemic as quickly as possible and over 100,000 deaths, it is hard breaking. we can lower the risk. we are already doing it. i wish we can show how effective the governor has been in spreading the message and wearing a mask and keeping social distancing. those who are not and hear tg guidelines, you are not only respecting yourself, your loved ones, your community and everyone. spread love the brooklyn way and get tested and wear a mask and help fight this virus. we can do it. >> you are listening to rosie perez there at governor cuomo's daily briefing.
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those two entertainers helping the governor to get more people to listen, he says wear a mask. the governor mattis signing an executive order for local owners to deny entry for anyone not wearing a mask. the governor says on the same day the president of the united states retweeting from a conservative website that questioned whether the use of mask was a government i want to bring you to the latest. in minnesota today, the raw and rage protests in minneapolis last night. you can see protests turned into
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violence and looting. >> that's a target you siee rigt there, it was ransacked between the looters. the officer kneed on george floyd's neck tch. he cried "i can't breathe" and he was ignored. the speaker of the house in washington calling it murder. >> the fact that the police officer was fired that's one thing. there has to be some justicein all of this. we did see a murder on tv. it was not self-defense. more evidence of the coronavirus economic punch. 2.5 million people filing for unemployment. 40 plus americans, that's nearly
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one of four american workers. t you can see 100,000 americans are now dead. god be with you. what we expect to hear from our president. the president's twitter. you can look at the trends here state by state. 16 states have uptakes in new cases. the nation's top experts among the nations most trying times. >> we taken a terrible hit, 100,000 people is just really historic in the public health impact has had on us.
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this falls in that category of world war. we got to pull together as a nation to get over this. >> elizabeth cohen is joining us right now. elizabeth, it is a grim day. >> it certainly is. it is a sad moment. we can use this time to look backward and reflect and look forward. they're looking backward and things we could have done differently. this did not have to happen. i hope that public health leaders are taking this time and privately to look at what could have been done differently and what lessons could be learned. you were talking about this, masks and social distancing, something that the president not only discouraged but in fact made fun of. we don't want another 100,000. we need to pay attention to this. one of the things that's happening now of course people are starting to return to work. the cdc have put out some guidelines. let's take a look at that.
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opening windows and doors, using filters and having shields and barriers between workers, single-serve snacks and coffee so you are not grabbing the same pot and do not shake hands. as much as you want to hug them, don't shake hands, no contact is best. john. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you so much for that. we saw the briefing of andrew cuomo, his daily briefings have made him a face of this coronavirus crisis. drew tells us your findings. >> reporter: this is at the heights of the pandemic. new york needed bed spaces.
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it was a directive to nursing homes basically telling them they have to take in covid-19 patients from hospitals and i will read you the part of the order that's troubling to so many. no residents shall be redenied to the nursing home solely based on a confirmed of suspected diagnoses of covid-19. governor cuomo says his health department was following trump's administration health guidelines. that's not quite true. hospitals we know sent thousands of covid-19 patients into nursing homes. nursing homes tell us they felt compel to take them in even if they could not handle that. 6,000 people died in nursing homes. that's where the controversy is whether any of those patients came into hospitals infected the rest. it is difficult to tell because of this directive but
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effectively last earlier this month the new york governor reversed the policy saying it was not reverse policy but they require anybody going into a nursing home from a hospital must be clear of covid-19 and tested negative before they can be set into a nursing home. the governor defending himself saying if there is any blame on anybody, you should blame the nursing homes. here is what he said. >> did you think that was a bad decision, did you think that contributed to the death toll? >> no because you have to be saying that nursing homes were wrong in accepting covid-19 positive patients. that's what you have to be saying. >> again john, our reporting
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from many nursing homes was they felt compel to accept patients whether they could or not along with the governor's office this morning, they said they had no complaints. that'll be a fact that'll be checked in the ongoing investigations that's been called for. governor cuomo taking no blame for any of those 6,000 deaths in new york's nursing homes. >> thank you so much jeff griffin for the reporting there. more people are filing for unemployment. those numbers are out this morning. cnn's alison kosik is with us now. >> i mean you think of the recovery process. the economy recovering from the pandemic seems like this huge mountain to climb especially when we got this number week
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after week. 2.1 million americans filed for unemployment claims last week. employees continue to be furloughed. it shows 40 million americans have lost their jobs. this is happening all at once. at some point during the ten weeks overwhelming the state's unemployment system, giving out the benefits to americans that need the money badly. i have a little bit of good news here. we know the virus can always turn. it does look like they may have hit bottom with these claim numbers. we see the peak of these numbers with the 6 poi.9 million, that a final week in march. americans are on the unemployment role. may 16th, we saw 3.9 million
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fewer continuing claims. that's good news. that means these job losses are offset by going back to work as we see states reopening. despite these bright spots, it is still a grim situation. millions of americans, john, are out of work and these are not numbers. these are people who have bills to pay and anxiously waiting for those unemployment benefits and hoping that money is enough to meet their costs every month. >> alison kosik, appreciate the insights. as we go through the statistics whether it is unemployment or jobs or the horrible statistics and the case count and death count. each one of those numbers are a person. joining anderson cooper and dr. sanjay gupta tonight of why he says why coronavirus keeps on happening. "facts and fears" tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> zuckerberg sides with
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president trump today promising a new executive order targeting social media company. it comes after days of twitter. the president promising on twitter it will be a "big day for social media and fairness." jeremy, does this have a fight? >> well, it may have some fight, john. the question is whether or not this can actually be enforced? and so the executive order as we understand it again is a draft executive order that we obtained and white house officials and council's office is working to finalize this text. text 230 of the decency which provides liability productions
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to websites for these big social media companies for contents that's posted on their websites. it could open up to more lawsuits based on the contents that's posted on their website. john, here is a question whether this is bark or bite? experts don't believe this would over tu ov overturn. to that point this may be a little bit more bark here. again, what the president is looking to do is beyond the legal enforceability of this continue to drive his narrative of social media companies. we know the president and his allies in the past suggested that these companies are trying to stifle conservative voices. these executive orders will give the president a platform to drive that narrative further. i did speak to a senior official today who says regardless if
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they are able to enforce this order, this will drive the president's political strategy on this front by further that narrative and giving him a platform to continue pushing that. >> the president criticizing twitter, a platform he uses everyday, what twitter did was feedba fact-checked him saying the statement he put out there were misleading. i want you to listen to facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg. >> i don't think -- facebook platform should be arguing the truth, it is a dangerous line to get to in terms of deciding what is true and what is not. just because we don't want to determine what is true or false does not mean that politicians or anyone else can say whatever else they want.
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>> this is a fascinating debate. >> that's so rich coming from mark zuckerberg. they make thousands of decisions everyday of what is true and false. they have fact-checking and they work of a global network of fact-checkers. they say they are removing dangerous misinformation of covid-19. the only people facebook does not fact-check and they got a lot from democrats is politicians. democrats said last year this policy is going to benefit donald trump of his 2020 campaign. it is remarkable to see zuckerberg going on fox news when silicon valley is under attack from the white house. actually go after twitter for placing a small label about
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mail-in ballots in california. >> donie o' sullivan and jeremy diamond. thank you. the president writing on twitter this afternoon we have just reached a sad milestone of deaths reaching 100,000. to all the friends and family who have passed, i want to extend my heartfelt sympathy and love for everything that these great people stood for and represent. why didn't he say something yesterday and why did he wait until today? the bigger issue is look, this is everything in life is through a political prism. we are in the unknown, the pandemic and in the middle of the reelection year.
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it is a testing moment for the president of the united states. >> it is incredibly difficult a testing moment for the president of the united states. public opinion would suggest that people do not handle it the way a president to do so. he did make note of the hundreds of thousands of deaths at this point which should be expected of the president. but, the question is what will he do. and so much of what he's done is to frame this in a political way rather than to be straightforward as any president normally would. >> you mentioned as any presidents normally would. we are three plus years in now, we know this president is very different especially on issues like this looking for empathy or
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the president rally the nation. so he deals with this, this morning on twitter with the democratic nominee who gave a statement yesterday like you mentioned what a normal president would do would be this. >> i am so sorry for your loss. i know there is nothing i or anyone can do to say or do. but i promise thank you the day will come. >> we have no idea how this is going to play out in the middle of the presidential campaign where joe biden trying to convince americans he'll do a better job and be a better president. >> john, if this campaign comes
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down simply to a question of which candidate has a greater sense of empathy and how people perceive that, i think the former president has the advantage on that. we know that many other things we go into the decisions that people make but i think one of the things we are seeing from former president biden is an effort to contrast himself with president trump in all kinds of ways having to do with handling of this pandemic and i think the biden campaign feels that at this moment that is adventagious to him. those attributes served him well in 2016 and surprised a lot of people and it is quite possible that would happen again. right now it is a difficult moment for the president and the biden campaign, it feels as though they are in a good spot and not taking anything for
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granted. >> 159 days until america votes. we know this pandemic will take some twists between now and then. dan balz, appreciate your expertise. up next, richmond, virginia is about to hope and the mayor is a bit nervous. many of their stories remain untold. find and honor the veterans in your family. their stories live on at ancestry. wayfair has way more ways to renovate your home, from inspiration to installation. like way more vanities perfect for you. nice. way more unique fixtures and tiles. pairing. ♪ nice. way more top brands in sinks and faucets. way more ways to rule your renovation. nice! on any budget, with free shipping. wayfair. way more than furniture.
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anger and frustration in minneapolis.
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protesters demanding justice for the death of george floyd. he died on the ground with the police's knee on his neck. the mayor of minneapolis speaking out this morning calling floyd's death murder. listen. >> do you think that was murder? >> i do. >> you do? >> i am not a prosecutor but let me be clear. the officer killed someone. >> the city council member jeremiah allison is joining us here. protesters have every right to be out there but it was out of hand. >> we had a number of fights and a good deal of looting, bad
9:29 am
amount of looting actually. and just widespread civil d disobedience and it is unfortunate and it is sad. if people are there to honor the memory of the decedent's family, this is not the way to do it. >> do you agree with him there? >> i feel that i was there the first night this was going on and nobody was looting or setting anything on fire the first night and yet our police response was so brutal to protesters. the worse thing i saw being
9:30 am
thrown for water bottles the first night and the police responded pretty brutal. i think it is while i don't like everything i am seeing from the protests that as it evolves, i am struggling to feel like we have any more ground to stand on given the way our police department is acting and has acted in our response. >> do you have any hope, that's a tough word to use in a situation like this. we all seen the video, a man was killed and he was crying out for help and there was no help given to him. he deserved a chance to breathe. hope is the wrong word. when you have the mayor saying i believe this is a mayor or the local district attorney and now you have fbi and attorney's office is investigating, do you have confidence that this will be handled appropriately? >> i am cautiously optimistic. i say cautious because i feel
9:31 am
like it is taken us a bit of a time to make this arrest. i hope no one else would enjoy this kind of privilege if they had murdered someone on camera the way this officer murdered j george floyd. i think that the ball in the district attorney's court, we should make the charges and arrests. that's taking a bit long. >> i mention a quick reaction from the federal government, you are seeing a different protest around the country in honor of mr. floyd because people want justice done. you also see on twitter of lebron james among some of the national celebrities and athletes pointing this out. he's showing the picture of the officer there in minneapolis with his knee on mr. floyd's neck and colin kaepernick. this is why. when you disagree with colin
9:32 am
kaepernick, he started this some time a ago becaugo because of pl across america. do you believe that a legacy can be something positive, do you believe this national attention on what was done to mr. floyd will bring focus to this issue? >> i hope so. there has been a lot of people who had to die this way to generate this amount of conversation. to me that's really sad. people like george floyd should not have to die this way to have this kind of conversation but i am glad this happened. we can have all the trainings in the world and we can have body cameras and hire diverse police forces, if there are not criminal consequences for criminal behaviors from police officers, accountability is always going to allude us, i
9:33 am
think. that's important that we not drop the ball here and the prosecutors and investigators and let the courts vet this and look at the evidence and i think in many ways the video itself. >> jeremiah ellison, i appreciate your time and please keep in touch of the difficult days ahead. the country passes 100,000 deaths. it is grim for everyone. the african-american communities across the country are hit the hardest. when you say what you're in the mood for,
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coronavirus is taking a disproporti disproportion impact on americans. cnn has more on these troubling numbers. >> reporter: terrance burke was a daughter and a navy veteran and a high school basketball coach. >> he coaching. >> reporter: in march, he's one of the first people in the state to die from coronavirus. >> it is surreal. i did not expect for this to happen, my dad is the example. >> oh my god, this is so terrifying. >> reporter: miles outside of the nation's capital one of the
9:39 am
wealthest counties of the nation have been ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. >> we started saying that's us. >> reporter: in prince george county, black resident like burke had been dying at alarming rates. >> we have some of the highest per capita, phds, college educated black folks in the nation and it is not prelotecti us. >> it is a trend playing out all over the country in urban and suburban and rural and poor areas and more than half the country according to the apm research lab. in detroit, 6.5% of cases and 80 80% of people who died of covid are black. in washington, d.c., black residents count for nearly 5% of coronavirus deaths. in new york, the u.s. outbreak,
9:40 am
26% of deaths have been among black residents even though they are just 14% of the population. in maryland, black residents accounts for 42% of covid-19 deaths but 29% of the population. >> we also have had a difficult time trying to attract restaurants to come here. it is not because we don't have the wealth and income, it peopl here are sick because of our life choices. >> reporter: those of preconditions such as diabetes and heart disease that are common among black americans. that does not explain all of the disparities. >> our workers, our residence were senior living facilities who work in these facilities.
9:41 am
well-paying workers who are essential. >> reporter: maryland officials are moving to ramp up testing sites like this now testing asymptomatic residents to stop outbreaks before they start. more help undoubtingly will be needed including from the government. >> we'll have to save ourselves. we need a national commitment of covid-19. one that addresses all peopthe people. >> how do you balance the need to keep people safe and verses wanting and needing to get the economy back open. o listen to the mayor of virginia. >> given the current trends of
9:42 am
our local data and my faith and believe in richmonders to look out for one another. i believe that richmond can cautiously and i repeat cautiously move it to phase one starting this with friday, may 29th. >> i want to take you live to a news conference in minneapolis about the protest last night. this is the mayor. >> to toss it out would be to ignore the values that we all claim of. that are all the more important during a time of crisis. i believe in minneapolis. i love minneapolis. and believing in our city, we must believe that we can be better than we have been. we must confront our shortcomings with both humility
9:43 am
as well as hope. we must restore the peace so that we can do this hard work together. i want to note what george floyd's girlfriend, kourtney, said about george. "he was all about love and peace." he did not receive that love and peace from our officers on the night of may 25th. but, we can still honor him by practicing those values during a timestrives. that's a task ahead of us. at this time when one crisis is sandwiched against another, this could be a point in time when several years from now we can look back to know that we rose
9:44 am
to right the wrong s of the pas. not just with words but with action. we'll be working with the community. we need to work through to set through those sets of action steps. ti a time where we pick up the rubble,the glass and found peace in our hearts. an awaken one where we can truly make change. in the coming days we'll have and all-out effort to restore peace and security in our city. i authorized command structure that allows our chiefs to use resources and personnels from
9:45 am
other jurisdictions. we requested a system from the state and we are thankful for the governor for their support and as well as state patrol. this work is about protecting community. this work is about protecting infrastructure needed to get through this pandemic together. our community these assets. our communities need grocery stores and pharmacies for needed medications. let's hold these communities dear by doing right by them and by safe guarding them and these community assets that we know they need especially during a pandemic. we need to offer radical love
9:46 am
and compassion that we all have in us. i believe in the city and i know you do, too. next i would like to invite our council vice president andrea jenkins who has been a tremendous speaker. ♪ ♪ amazing grace, how sweet ♪ is the sound that saved a wretch like me ♪
9:47 am
♪ >> i grew up in church. i grew up in a religious family. i grew up with mayor wright. i want to offer some amazing grace to bridget floyd , to rodney floyd to the entire floyds family.
9:48 am
my deepest condolences and sympathies are with you during this traumatic, tragic moment of grief. also, i stand to grief with my community today. with all the black people all throughout this country, all throughout america and right here in minneapolis, we feel as if there was a need on all of our collectiveness, a need that says black life does not matter to the institutions that dictates what happens in this culture and society. i am apart of this system to help to take that need off of
9:49 am
our next. that's the work that i will be doing. as we stand here grieving yet another loss of a black life, a senseless, tragic loss of black life. i really don't have many words but i know that something got to change. and so i am asking my colleagues, the mayor and anyone else who's concerned of what this bears in our community to declare a state of emergency,
9:50 am
declaring racism is a public health issue. until we name this virus, this disease that has infected america for the past 400 years, we'll never ever resolve this issue. to those who say bringing up rai racism is racist itself, i am telling you if you don't call cancer what it is, you can never cure that disease. in an effort to cure this disease, i am stating exactly what everyone else has witnessed and that's racism.
9:51 am
today is a sad day f for minneapolis. it is a sad day for america. it is a sad day for the world. i want to remind all of the people that are in the streets protesting, you have every right to be angry, to be upset and be bad and mad and express your anger. you have no right to perpetrate violence and harm on the very communities that you say that you are standing up for. make peace and calm in our streets and i am begging you for that. we'll be working with black
9:52 am
community leaders to develop and create a healing space at the third police precinct so people can grooeieve and express their concerns and anger in a safe and humane way. this is a tragic moment. like mayor frey, i love the city of minneapolis. i have spent the last 41 years as a residence of this city and this is my home, we can't allow
9:53 am
outsiders or our own residents to destroy our city. we want to work together to ensure that people have their voices heard in a safe manner. that's my commitment. in the words of leroy williams who the firsthand eye witness to mr. floyd's terrible demise, we got to make a change. thank you.
9:54 am
>> thank you, i want to say sorry for the pain and de devastation of mr. floyd's death have left on his family and his loved ones and our community and across the world. i know we are trying to find a way to heal. those who are want to express their first amendment rights and go through this healing process that they'll have that from me and that's a guarantee as your chief. prior to mr. floyd's death, we had a community that's been in trauma for quite some time. what i can't allow is for others to compound that trauma,
9:55 am
individuals looting our business business businesses. if you are looting those stores and robbing people of essential needs or services of themselves and certainly this pandemic of their loved ones and if you are setting buildings and structures on fire which are harming the safety of our elderly and our youths. i can't allow that as chief. i know there is a sdeficit in or city. i know this department has contributed to that deficit. i will not allow to keeping you from increasing that deficit by retraumatizing those folks in our community. i am restoring hope and peace in
9:56 am
our community. as mayor frey says we'll have a unified system resources to make sure all parts of our state from phillips neighborhood to north minneapolis to downtown, all of our sections of our cities have that. we want to continue to make sure that communities can gather in spaces to heal and to grieve in honor of mr. floyd, but i can't allow criminal acts to occur and threaten the safety and also compounded traumas that already exists. i have been in contact with community leaders and members from our faith communities, community healers and as mayor frey and andrea jenkins have mentioned, they want to make sure we have a safe space to do
9:57 am
that. again, i want to acknowledge my condolences to mr. floyd and his family and friends. thank you. >> what we experienced was a different dynamicship from the evening demonstration. there was a different group of individuals. i want to preface of the vast majority of people who have come together have been doing so peacefully. a core group of people causing some destructions and you saw that with some of the looting and setting fires. we were prepared in terms of that immediate area to provide the safety but if any of you follow the events last night, the crowds got larger and it
9:58 am
became mobile. we want to make sure if you are looking at those who are gathering peacefully in the area that are threaten at risk are neighboring residents and businesses. >> some of the people starting the looting were folks -- >> we don't to follow up that information of intel. keeping the mayor briefed on that as we speak. i will just say that it was clear to me and also hearing from your local community leaders that many of the people that were involved -- yes, there were certainly people who were involved in activities that we recognize staying here in the
9:59 am
city. [ inaudible question ] >> we did have reports of injuries. i am happy to report of no injuries. no significant injuries that i am aware of. mayor frey in terms of a national request, mayor frey can make that formal declaration. he has had conversations with governor walsh. >> one of the things that i am proud of also being in this city, over the course of the last several days i have been talking to many friends and family and our broader community who have said they want to make sure even we are experiencing trauma and pain and grief in our city, they don't want to
10:00 am
exacerbate that. they'll be out there. you will see more community healers and faith leaders and our elders and even our youths. you will see a shift in that. i am always hopeful because it is a safe community that supported me. all right, you have been listening to city officials in minneapolis, they have been speaking of the riot that erupted over the death of george floyd. the video shows the officer pinning him down by his neck and he died after. 30 fires reported and some buildings burned to the groun


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